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Launching new journeys through technology



Currently only supporting consultations through contact recommendations. Check in regularly for updates to our service portfolio.


A majority of our consultations are for the digital or technology spaces. However, our experiences range across many industries and areas. We are available to review your project scope and determine if we are the right fit for your needs.


Supporting clients all over the world and in numerous industries, our services area routinely sought after due to our diligence, expertise, and relationship management abilities.


ADNO LLC started as a dream. Waking one day to realize that project management is more than just managing people and schedules, Mike began a journey with one goal in mind: to share the collective knowledge he attained with anyone that wanted it.​

See more about Mike's journey, his background, and his career at his personal LinkedIn page.




"I had the pleasure of working with Mike a few years ago, and I continue to seek his wisdom and advice to this day. From day one, his infectious energy and go-getter attitude were evident. Mike's support helped me realize my potential and taught me the importance of balancing hard work with play. His mentorship has truly set me apart from the competition, and I am grateful for the incredible impact he has had on my professional journey."

Toya Jackson

Security Consultant


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